Moonlight Melts® offers a beautiful range of high quality handmade candles and wax melts, wax burners, candle accessories and gemstones. Moonlight Melts candles and wax melts are handmade in the UK using natural vegetable wax.

New scents are released frequently, check out our scent list to find this month’s scent range.  Moonlight Melts was started in 2016 and has been filling homes with beautiful scents ever since. If you don't believe us, check out our amazing reviews!

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Himalayan Salt Candle Holder

Moonlight Melts Himalayan Salt Candle Holder. Himalayan Salt Candle Holder As well as providing a warm and relaxing glow to any room, Himalayan Salt is reported to have many benefits: It can purify the air. Remove smoke and foul smells from the air Absorb and remove dust mites, pollen, micro-spore, and germs in the air. Note: Please allow colour difference. As this is a natural product some candle holders are pale pink while others can be a darker orange.