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Bloodstone is a very protective stone, and is especially useful if you are being threatened. Whether with physical violence, blackmail, or just a negative person in your workplace threatening to make your life difficult. Bloodstone can create a psychic barrier between yourself and the threat! It gives you the insight to tell when to retreat and when to confront the danger and it gives you the strength and courage to work through whatever decision you make.

Additionally, this stone, which is associated with the root chakra, will assist in grounding you in the physical world. This relieves depression and anxiety and will keep you focussed on the “here and now,” and the “next steps” that you need to take in order to solve a problem. It will encourage you to take action! And give you the courage and personal strength to do so, if you feel apathetic, lethargic, or trapped in your own inability to take action.

It is a very strong stone of emotional support. So you should definitely integrate it into your life in difficult or emotionally traumatic times.

If you feel as if you’re constantly being kicked when you’re down, Bloodstone can help you pick yourself back up and carry on in a positive and constructive manner. It can serve as a reminder of the importance of courage and wisdom. And it can help you to be a better person at times when you are struggling to do so. If you feel like all your “good behaviour” isn’t making a difference, and the world is just continuing to treat you badly, using Bloodstone can help you to get past that feeling and continue to make positive contributions to the world.

Not only will it ease the weight you’re carrying as you spend time with it. But it will also give you the inspiration to find the words to express to others just what you’re going through. It is also a good stone if you feel confused and overwhelmed. Especially by a range of emotional concerns and other people’s emotional needs.

Sometimes we become so worried about dealing with other people’s feelings that we can’t deal with our own. Ironically, this only renders us incapable of dealing with other people’s as well. Bloodstone can give you a bit of a mental kick when you start to stretch yourself to thin. And it can give you a reminder of the importance of diligent, mindful self-care.

Self-care doesn’t just refer to “taking a day off” and watching TV while doing a face mask. It also means paying attention to your own emotional cues and recognizing your problems so you can start solving them. And to remind yourself that you cannot put pressure on yourself to be everything to everyone all the time. The energy of Bloodstone will help you to grow and become stronger.

How To Use Bloodstone

Wear it or carry it in your purse or pocket to increase your physical endurance and zest for living. It can protect you against both external and internal enemies. And it can give you the strength to deal head-on with the dangers or problems that you are facing.

If you have a child who is being bullied at school, sew a small piece of Bloodstone into their coat as an amulet of protection. It may also give the child a stronger, more intimidating aura, which the bully may be less likely to want to confront.

Put a piece of Bloodstone in a bowl with water next to your bed for deep and restful sleep.

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