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Tumbled Stones & How To Use Them

What are tumbled stones?

Tumbled stones are rocks, crystals, and minerals. They are created by putting rough rocks in a machine called a rock tumbler. It tumbles the rocks until their edges and surfaces become smooth, shiny, and polished.

A lot of people enjoy collecting tumbled stones because they are naturally beautiful materials that can be shaped and polished even more beautifully.

Many people collect tumbled stones, crystals and gems because of their metaphysical properties and the multiple ways they can be used. Some simply place their stones around the house, use as energy tools, always working to benefit themselves and others through stone energy. Many people like to use tumbled stones when they are practicing mindfulness, meditation, and spiritual healing techniques.


In some types of alternative medicine, stones are placed on the body at points of discomfort or on "spiritual centres" known as "chakras." Some people report relief from these treatments. However you should always seek medical attention rather than solely relying on crystal healing.

Putting crystals on your body has a completely different effect than simply holding them. If you're working on healing a specific chakra, pick a stone that corresponds to that chakra and place it where that chakra lives in the body. This serves to stir the energy around that chakra and bring up the emotions that you need to heal. You may be surprised to discover that crystals will hold a vibration, both their own and those they are working with. For example, sodalite at the back of the neck will help to extract a headache while rose quartz on the heart will help to soothe sadness. Placing crystals directly on the afflicted area is suggested and cleaning the crystal after is important to restore the natural frequency of your crystal. From physical pain to emotional distress, there is a perfect crystal ally waiting to help.

At home

When using tumbled stones and crystals in your environment, the easiest thing is to pick stones that you feel drawn to and place them around your home and work area. By doing this you can create a positive, healing vibration in your space. You can add any other stones to enhance the environmental energies further, depending on your needs and desires. Some individuals place protection stones at the openings of their homes, while others concentrate their collections in a meditation room or personal altar. Outdoors, you can place stones at the property boundaries or in a grid pattern around the house, garden or meditation area.

At work

People in difficult work environments often place a stone on their desks which can transform negative energies. Bur remember, different types of stones can help you in different ways.

Holding and carrying tumbled stones

One of the best ways to choose a stone is to pick it up and hold it for a few moments, paying attention to the changes in your energies and feelings while doing so.

Wearing tumbled stones

Wearing stones in pouches or in a form or jewellery is another way of holding and carrying stones. One advantage of pouches and jewellery pieces is that they allow you to incorporate combinations of stones which work together to produce the desired effects.


Meditating with stones might be the single best way to feel crystal energies. Hold a stone or several stones during meditation. In meditation, you will work to gently clear the mind of thought and enter a state of positive receptive energy. Many of the serenity-inducing stones can help you achieve this state. Other stones which you may choose for purposes of shifting consciousness, healing, or activating specific energy centres in the body or aura will have their strongest effects during meditation. This is because meditation quiets the mind and allows new influences to enter our consciousness. During meditation the stones will feel stronger, not only because you are able to pay closer attention to the subtle changes, but also because the state of openness allows for more pronounced effects. You are encouraged to explore the higher worlds through whatever minerals call out to you.


Dreaming is another way we all move into other realms of consciousness. Because dreams have the ability to alter the pattern of your energy field, many crystals and minerals can powerfully affect your dream state-bringing more frequent and vivid dreams, containing spiritual guidance, dreams of visitations from departed loved ones, lucid dreams, astral travel and other types of out-of-body experiences. Just slip the appropriate stone into your pillowcase and see where you go. Be sure to keep a dream journal.

Oils and essences

You can make your own infused oils and essences. Stone energies can be blended with essential oils or infused in water solutions to make essences or elixirs. In both cases, the vibrational energies of the stones are taken on by the oil or water. You can put gemstones directly in water to receive their love and absorb their vibrations.

Note, not all crystals can go in water directly, some will be harmful or may even dissolve contaminating your water. Do your research before ever placing crystals directly in your water.

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